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About Our Wines: "Accent on Excellence"

Our vintages capture the quality and character associated with the world's rarest fine wines: The most important of which is the distinct antiquity of the gout de terroir. Rustic yet refined. Concentrated, intense, fruit-forward flavors; expressed with perfect balance and harmony in every bottle of Nordby Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon.

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"Il Re" (The King) Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

*Award Winners:

*2018 - Gold Medal - 93 points: "Cellar Selection" World Wine Championships (BTI / Tastings: Chicago) Tasted 10/5/2018

2017 - Gold Medal - 94 points: "Stellar Cellar Selection & Wine of the Week 12/06/17"             World Wine Championships (BTI / Tastings:  Chicago)   link:

2015 - "Tried & True" Award for Consistent Product Quality:  Scores 85+, over 3+  UWC Competitions

2015 - "Gold Medal" - 91 points: 2015 World Wine Championships (BTI / Tastings: Chicago)

2014 - "Gold Medal" - 92 points: 2014 World Wine Championships (BTI / Tastings: Chicago)

2013 - "Gold Medal" - San Francisco International Wine Competition

2012 - Chairman's Trophy - 94 points: Ultimate Wine Challenge (New York)

2012 -  "Silver Medal" -  San Francisco International Wine Competition

2011  - "Silver Medal" - Ultimate Wine Challenge (New York) 

2011  - "Silver Medal" -  NextGen Wine Competitions (California)

Il Re  (The King)  Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

II Re Reserve is built on the unique "Red Hills" characteristics. The wine is beautiful, Cab-rich, fruit-forward, sophisticated, and complex. It shows the deep tannins and solid structure of the Red Hills. This Cabernet is a rich, layered wine, featuring black cherry, blackberry, currant, and cassis. The field blend of four clones (06, 337, 341 and 191), 22 months on a complex selection of premium French Oak barrels, yields an ultra-premium wine that will age effortlessly through the next decade. At Nordby Vineyards, we recommend it with a wide range of foods from rich and bold to light and delicate dishes.

2011 West Coast Wine Competition 2012 Chairman's Trophy 2013 Gold Medal 94 Points Nextgen Wine

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"White" Cabernet: A rare and unique offering from Nordby Vineyards

About "White" Cabernet Sauvignon... (Don't call it Rose'!)

What is White Cabernet Sauvignon? Simply put: It is a white wine made from red Cabernet Sauvignon fruit. Although it has a beautiful bronze blush; it is not a Rosé. This White Cabernet Sauvignon is made using white winemaking techniques. The juice is drawn off the red skins at crush and the process begins there. Without the skins, most of the predominant red Cabernet characteristics; the deep, red-purple color and the tannins, are removed. This leaves a lovely Cabernet nectar, revealing a sub-structure of lighter, more discrete flavors, aromas, and esters.

"Lacrime Dell'Angeli" (Angels' Tears) White Cabernet Sauvignon

*Award Winner: 2011 Ultimate Wine Challenge

"2007 Lacrime Dell'Angeli" White Cabernet Sauvignon is our exclusive entry into the crowded Cabernet field. A full-bodied yet refreshing, white wine that abounds with the fresh fruit flavors of peach, apricot, pineapple, mango, melon, and citrus; with a transparent wisp of herbs in the distant background. Always served chilled (like champagne), it will open; revealing a different array of flavors and essences with every taste. A surprisingly versatile wine that pairs well with a variety of red meats, fish, foul, pasta, and vegetables. Perfect for all holiday food pairings. Truly a new wine experience!

Our vintage "2008 Lacrime Dell' Angeli"  White Cabernet Sauvignon is drier, younger, fresher and brighter than ever.  An earlier harvest provides a crisper, lighter foundation for the winemaker.  Blended from our vineyard's four clones; the interplay of flavors and character are very different from the 2007 vintage.  The fresh crispness of green apple, melon, and citrus are at the front of the flavor profile with hints of riper apricot and peach on the finish.  Served chilled, this 2008 Lacrime Dell' Angeli impresses with its' young, acidic, fresh-fruity personality.  An excellent pairing with white meat, fish and foul, pasta, cream sauces and vegetables.  Our "2008" will 'wake-up" discreet background flavors in all of your food pairings.

*Production of "Lacrima Dell' Angeli" (Tears of the Angels) White Cabernet Sauvignon spans two vintages: Vintage 2007 and Vintage 2008.  These two vintages, although under the same name, from the same fruit, same blends and same winemaker; produced two distinctly different wines!

.Vintage 2007 is big, bold and beautiful.  Vintage 2008 is young, fresh, playful and sassy.  Both represent a daring, new direction in winemaking.  A breakout achievement that reinvents the Cabernet Sauvignon tradition.  Consider both for a place on your table.

Lacrime Dell'Angeli  (Angels' Tears)

Ultimate Wine Challenge

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Two of Our Extraordinary Vintages:

2003 "Envy" Estate Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Our premier vintage: a 100 percent Estate Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. This California wine is crafted to express the fundamental characteristics of the fruit and "Red Hills" terroir from which it comes. This is our most approachable Cabernet Sauvignon. It is simple, but complete in its structure; it exhibits perfect blending and balance. The beautifully fruit-forward, big, smooth, and juicy character is bound with a solid tannin structure.  Envy Estate Reserve is a field blend of four clones (06, 337, 341 and 191), 24 months on single vintage and neutral French Oak cooperage. The wine is a perfect pairing with red meats, spicy foods, sauces, and rich fare.

Production Quantity:  160 cases

$64  Per Bottle        *80% OFF CASE Purchase! Only $138.25 per case! Plus Tax and Shipping

2006 "Re dei Re" (King of Kings) Vintner's Reserve, Cabernet Sauvignon

"Re dei Re Vintner's Reserve" represents our highest achievement to date. This wine is beautifully fruit-forward and juicy on the front while revealing layers of subtly as it opens on the palate. Taste fresh ripe fruits of black cherry, raspberry, currant, and cassis on the first notes. Tones of leather and tobacco are apparent in the background. The edges are smoothed and softened by the broader dark, then milk chocolate and vanilla flavors. The finish is long, smooth, and satisfying.

"Re dei Re" is a limited production vintage and the masterpiece of our collection.  The wine is rare in its structure, complexity, balance and rare in its refinement and sophistication.  We proudly offer "2006 Re dei Re Vintner's Reserve"; the quintessential California Cabernet Sauvignon.


*Award Winner

*2018 - Gold Medal - "Exceptional"  93 points                                (BTI /

2016 - "Gold Medal" - 93 points: 2016 Stellar Cellar Selection                                    (BTI / Tastings: Chicago)

2015 - "Gold Medal" - 93 points: 2015 World Wine Championships                          (BTI / Tastings: Chicago)

Production Quantity:  ONLY 60 Cases  (in the whole world!)

$90 Per Bottle    *80% OFF CASE Purchase!  Only $205.20 per case! Plus Tax and Shipping
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